It is considered as wrongdoing by law if a site or platform fails to state what it uses user data for, what data it collects, and many more.

Data collected.

If you visit this website, your browsing habits are tracked to help the site predict the best articles to read for you. Data on commenting such as name and email are all collected when you comment on an article. Basic contact info is collected when you send a message to the site.

What the data is used for?

The data collected is used to help the site predict the best content for you. For instance, if you read an article on technology, the category can be used to generate articles relating to technology for you. Also, owing to analytical purposes, your data is used to study user behavior to help the site see the necessary articles needed to be shown the more.

Who we share your data with?

Data is not shared with any third party. Any information collected from you remains on the site and is not transferred or shared with any other website. In some circumstances, advertisers will be presented with the analytics on how often people visit the website. The data submitted does not contain any user sensitive information but just metrics on-site visitations and other content read.